Fine scale management and reporting

Micro Management of paua fisheries is the paramount way to increase productivity and PICL have been involved with the investigation of several ideas that rectify the biggest hurdle which is the difference in scale of fishing effort vs the scale of reporting.

The macro scale the industry currently report on is a major limitation to the implementation of fine scale management and until we overcome this we will never be able to fully unlock the potential our paua fisheries hold. Some of these ideas were demonstrated at the Paua Industry conference.

Collection of data at a very high resolution could allow the stock assessment process to become far more accurate as fisheries could be divided up into similar stratum (as opposed to collecting data from a few places and applying it to the whole fishery).

PICL are also involved in a project that is having a closer look at comparing fine scale management options on Stewart Island. The project is looking at reseeding vs closed areas vs increasing the minimum size limit vs fishing as normal.