Diver Standards


The commercial fishing sector is well known for the training of the people that work in the industry and the Seafood Industry Training Council (SITO) has been established specifically for this.

In conjunction with SITO the paua industry has developed a course for paua harvesters and the desired outcomes from the course are:

  • To implement “good practice” that minimises the mortality of undersized paua which are returned to the reef.
  • To implement “good practice” during the harvesting, measuring, containerising and transporting stages that ensure the paua arrive at the Licensed Fish Receiver in the best possible condition.
  • To educate paua harvesters of the legal framework they operate in under the Fisheries Act 1996 and to minimise the incidence of non-compliance.
  • To develop industry awareness so that protocols and procedures can be implemented and adhered to that allows improved management of paua stocks and the long term viability of the paua fishery.

The course covers compliance (Rules and Regulations), Paua biology, Paua Harvesting and handling “best practise” and is taught and assessed by SITO accredited trainers. Attendees of this course receive a SITO certificate in Paua Harvesting.