Organisation and Mandate


PICL is the national umbrella service agency for the five regional commercial stakeholder groups representing commercial paua fishery’s interests. Each regional representative group (PauaMAC – derived from the Quota Management System designation for paua, and Management Area Council) draws membership and majority mandate from fishing and non-fishing quota owners, ACE holders, permit holders, processors and exporters from within the seven designated management areas. The PauaMAC’s are the foundation of paua industry activities, consistent with a long held industry desire to have regional autonomy and self determination in research, compliance, management, planning and implementation. PauaMAC’s have an equal shareholding in PICL and each year they appoint a representative to the PICL board of directors. The PICL Chairman is elected by the board and has oversight of PICL operations. The five PauaMAC’s contribute a share of the PICL operational budget in proportion to the Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) for their region.