Reseeding involves the growing of juveniles in land based hatcheries (to approx 20mm) and then out-planting them onto the coast.

There are reseeding trials running in Pau3, Pau4, Pau5A, Pau5B, Pau5D and Pau7 and much has been learnt in the last 5 years about the methodology and preferred habitat of juvenile paua.

The survival rate of between 15 to 20% (from out-planting to harvest) shows that this method of enhancement could become an extremely important fisheries management tool in the future.

To implement reseeding at a commercial scale, paua quota owners would need to pay approximately $2000 per tonne per year of quota owned so that the industry could purchase sufficient seed stock.

Over the next few years it is anticipated that this will happen.

Used in conjunction with other fisheries management tools, reseeding could prove to be the back-bone of re-building paua fisheries to their bio-mass levels of 10 to 15 years ago.