Rights Protection

Marine Reserves

Marine Reserves (MR) and Marine Protected Areas (MPA) are taking a substantial amount of PICL’s time and resources but this is likely to be the biggest and most immediate threat on the horizon to the commercial paua fisheries where rights protection is concerned. Of all the fishing Industries affected by inshore area closures, paua is certain to be impacted most.

  • A number of workshops have been attended with SeaFIC and other Commercial Stakeholder Organizations to formulate plans to fight MR and MPA’s and ensure that the issues relevant to the paua industry are taken into account.
  • Background research, specialist advice and legal issues have been sought and assembled to build capacity in anticipation of assisting PauaMACs to handle future MR and MPA applications as they arise.
  • A detailed Industry submission on the MPA strategy has been prepared and tabled to Government.
  • Several meetings have been attended in support of Pau5 (with other Commercial Stakeholder Organizations and the Dept of Conservation) re the proposed Nugget Point reserve. These were attended at the request of PauaMAC5 and have successfully contributed to slowing the application considerably. PICL coordinated legal advice for the meetings which will help lay the groundwork for any future judicial review which might eventuate.
  • PICL has been active in co-coordinating with other Industry players, such as rock lobster, to face future threats.

Customary Reserves

These reserves are just starting to gather momentum and PICL is getting involved at the ground level to better understand the process and requirements of customary interests. Several meetings have been held in support of Pau5 with other Commercial Stakeholder Organizations in the lowers South Island and NgaiTahu. PICL has become involved at a regional level in Pau5 as it is seen as an opportunity to gain crucial experience in how to best work with Iwi when these issues arise in other areas.

Recreational Sector

ICL has spent time building a relationship with Option4, the most vocal and well organised of the recreational lobby groups. While increased pressure from the recreational sector is anticipated over the coming years Option4 see the commercial paua industry as being in a unique situation due to their ability to enhance paua fishstocks in the wild by re-seeding.