What We Do


PICL is owned and operated by five regional commercial stakeholder groups – PauaMACs – whose membership comprises of paua quota owners, ace holders, divers and processors. PICL provides coordination, advisory and advocacy services for each of the five PauaMACs and/or the individual industry members who ask for those services. The underlying objective for PICL is that its work should add value to the Paua fisheries and to the paua industry. “Adding Value” entails:

  • Enhancing fisheries;
  • Saving money,
  • Reducing costs,
  • And/or getting better bang for the bucks that are cost recovered from industry by MFish or by SeaFIC;
  • And/or increasing industry share of paua fisheries;
  • And/or protecting against a reduction in that share;
  • And/or getting better compliance with paua regulations; and/or protecting and enhancing access to wild stocks; and/or reducing the complexity of record keeping and reporting requirements etc.

PICL is not just about arguing for or against TACC adjustments. PICL assists PauaMac’s in maintaining and enhancing the fisheries, the right to fish, and the profitability of the industry.
PICL also promotes the Paua industry – at a domestic level through newspaper articles, articles in recreational media, radio and occasional television media opportunities. Maintaining a positive industry profile is important to the protection of commercial fishing rights. PICL provides industry and fishery information to politicians and bureaucrats and will contribute feature articles to Seafood NZ magazine. Also an international promotion by way of attendance and presentations at conferences, seminars, contributions to international journals, dialogue with fisheries managers in other paua / abalone producing countries. PICL plays a “watchdog role” – routinely monitoring national and regional politics and policies to ensure no adverse impacts on paua fishing. Having links to SeaFIC and other commercial stakeholder organisations enables PICL to keep tabs on issues that are relevant to paua fisheries. More importantly, the links between PICL and PauaMac’s enable PICL to make timely submissions on these issues.